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JOB TITLE: Plant Enthusiast – Community Manager


Internship of 1 to 2 months (unpaid)


Note: We only accept internships for a maximum duration of 2 months.




We’re on a mission to connect green-thumbed enthusiasts and transform the way we share and nurture our leafy companions. If you’ve got the spark and the green genes to help us grow, we want to know you!



We’re all about bringing plant lovers together, creating a thriving hub where we swap, chat, and geek out about all things botanical. We’re building a green paradise, and we need a savvy Community Manager/Animator to help us cultivate it.



Do you have a passion for plants? A knack for community building? Are you a wizard of engagement? If the answer is yes, then this is your golden ticket to green glory. As our freelance Community Manager, you’ll be the guardian of our plant-loving community on our mobile app.