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The Team

About us - the team - Claudette Avis

Claudette Avis

a.k.a. “The Founder”

First, our plant-crazy founder Claudette, who jumped on the plant bandwagon during the pandemic.


She’s basically the one that got us all into this leafy mess 🍃, and although she can’t identify every plant in the world, she’s a pro at keeping them alive (most of the time, at least). 🪴🤷🏻‍♀️


She’s good at spotting all things green and beautiful, and a heart that beats in sync with nature.

About us - the team - Steve Burghgraeve

Steve B.

a.k.a. “The Developper”

And there’s Steve, our tech genius who transforms stubborn lines of code into vibrant, digital wonderlands.


He’s the guy who takes our crazy visions and designs and turns them into reality.


By the way, he dreams of living on a boat someday, where he can code in peace, far, far away from the demands of the internet. 💻🌊

About us - the team - Mickael Flor

Mickael Flor

a.k.a. “The Commercial Guy”

Last but not least, we’ve got Mickael, our eternally optimistic sociable guy on the team.


When he claims he’s into business, he’s basically in a committed relationship with ‘busy-ness’.


Seriously, we’re not sure how he cooks up ideas in the midst of his wild schedule and endless meetings, but he does it with a grin that could brighten a blackout. 😆💡

P.S. The cat is the real big boss.


Despite her relentless pursuit of toxic plants (which she insists are salad bars), this cat never fails to keep us motivated to work harder, just so we can shower her with more cat snacks. 🐾😸



Catch us if you can! 😜