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Meet for Branch

Two different hands from two mobile screens exchanging plants with orange doodle on top

Give away or swap your plants easily!

Give away and share your plants easily!

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A garden center at your fingertips.

Aloe vera plant wearing shades inside a photo frame with orange arrow doodle line


Check out different categories like plants, cuttings, seeds, and accessories up for trade or given away by other users.


Find stuff nearby by turning on your GPS or just typing in your city or ZIP code.


Send messages in our in-app chat. Kick-start conversations effortlessly with our ready-made messages.


Get in touch with folks, share some tricks, and post pics for fun on our community's forum.

How It Works?

Mobile with a plant on the screen
Black cat inside box saying hello
Two plants doing bro fist in a postcard
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Why Swap Plants?


You can try out fancy new plants without burning a hole in your wallet.


It's a way to join the circular economy and cut down on our consumption.


It connects us to the community and lets us share resources.

They Talk About Us

I'm brand new to the world of apps for plant swapping, but Meet for Branch has already won me over! Its super intuitive interface makes searching and exchanging easy, very good concept 👍

Jojo B.Retiree

I am very happy to find a Monstera cutting without paying anything!

Lucas S.Student

I find the app great, and I've already exchanged some plants 😉 I'm talking about it to my friends who love plants.

SarahGraphic designer and plant collector