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General Terms and Conditions

  1. Agreement to Terms
  2. Intellectual Property Rights
  3. User Representations
  4. User Registration
  5. Prohibited Activities
  6. User Contributions
  7. Contribution License
  8. Guidelines for In-App Reviews
  9. Mobile Application License
  10. Apple and Android Devices
  11. Social Media and Email, and Managing Your Account
  12. Submissions
  13. Site Management
  14. Privacy Policy
  15. Copyright Infringements
  16. Term and Termination
  17. Modifications and Interruptions
  18. Governing Law
  19. Dispute Resolution
  20. Corrections
  21. Disclaimer
  22. Limitation of Liability
  23. Indemnification
  24. User Data
  25. Electronic Communications, Transactions, and Signatures
  26. Miscellaneous
  27. Contact Information




1. Agreement to Terms


By using the Meet for Branch website or mobile app, you’re agreeing that:

We may update these terms occasionally.

Additional rules or documents may be added, which are also considered part of these terms. We’ll inform you of any changes by releasing updates.




2. Intellectual Property Rights


The content on our site, including code, pictures, and logos, belongs to us or is licensed to us. It’s protected by copyright and trademark laws.

You can only use the content and logos on the site for personal purposes, such as reviewing or printing them. Don’t use them for business unless we give permission.

You’re not permitted to copy, share, or sell any of the material on our site without obtaining prior consent from us. We retain all other rights to the site and its content.


3. User Representations


  • The info you give during registration is true and up-to-date.
  • You’ll keep your info accurate and update it when needed.
  • You’re not too young to use the site.
  • You won’t use any sneaky technology to access the site.
  • You won’t do anything illegal or against the rules while using the site.
  • Your use of the site won’t break any laws.

If you give us wrong or incomplete info, we can suspend or close your account and stop you from using the site.


4. User Registration


You might need to sign up for the site.  

Remember to keep your password secret and be responsible for how your account is used.

We can change or delete your username if we think it’s not okay.


5. Prohibited Activities


  • Don’t use the site for anything other than its intended purpose.
  • Don’t gather information from the site to create your own database.
  • Don’t try to deceive or cheat us or other users.
  • Don’t mess around with the site’s security features.
  • Don’t use information from the site to harm others.
  • Don’t misuse our customer support services.
  • Don’t tamper with the site’s functions.
  • Don’t spread viruses or spam on the site.
  • Don’t use automated tools to access the site.
  • Don’t mess with the site’s code or software.
  • Don’t try to bypass the site’s security measures.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else or create fake accounts.
  • Don’t collect user information without permission.
  • Don’t use the site for business purposes without permission.
  • Don’t advertise or sell things on the site.
  • Don’t transfer your profile to someone else.


6. User Contributions


The site might ask you to chat, share on blogs, or join forums. You can post text, videos, photos, and more (we call these “Contributions”).

Other users can see what you post, and so can other websites. Your Contributions aren’t private.

When you post, you agree that: 

  • Your stuff doesn’t break any copyright laws or hurt someone else’s rights.
  • You own what you post or have permission to use it.
  • You got permission from anyone shown in your post.
  • Your posts are true and not misleading.
  • You’re not spamming or trying to sell stuff without permission.
  • Your posts aren’t rude, violent, or harmful.
  • You’re not bullying or threatening anyone.
  • Your posts follow the law and don’t hurt minors.
  • Your posts aren’t offensive based on race, gender, or other factors.
  • Your posts follow our rules and laws.


7. Contribution License


By posting on the Site or linking your social media, you authorize us to use, share, and adapt your content worldwide without restrictions. 

Your content may be utilized in any media, including your name, trademarks, and images. While you retain ownership, you waive moral rights. We’re not liable for your statements on the Site. 

We reserve the right to edit, relocate, or remove your contributions without prior notice and are not obligated to monitor them.


8. Guidelines for In-App Reviews


  • Provide firsthand experience.
  • Avoid offensive language or hate speech.
  • Refrain from discriminatory references.
  • Do not mention illegal activities.
  • Avoid making legal conclusions.
  • Ensure your statements are truthful.
  • Do not orchestrate review campaigns.

We reserve the right to accept, reject, or remove reviews without obligation. Reviews do not reflect our endorsement, and we bear no liability for them. By posting a review, you grant us the right to reproduce, modify, and distribute its content worldwide.


9. Mobile Application License


If you use our mobile app, you’re granted a limited right to install and use it on your own devices. However, you cannot: 

  • Attempt to access the app’s source code.
  • Modify or create derivative works of the app.
  • Break any laws while using the app.
  • Remove any copyright or trademark notices.
  • Use the app for commercial purposes.
  • Create a competing product using the app.
  • Send automated queries or unsolicited emails.
  • Use our intellectual property for your own products without permission.


10. Apple and Android Devices


When you use our mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play:

  • You’re granted a non-transferable license to use the app on Apple iOS or Android devices according to the distributor’s terms.
  • We’re responsible for app maintenance and support as per our terms, but the distributor isn’t obligated to provide support.
  • If the app doesn’t meet warranty standards, you can notify the distributor for a refund, but they’re not liable beyond that.
  • You confirm that you’re not in a restricted country or listed on any U.S. government restricted parties list.
  • You must follow any third-party agreements while using the app, like wireless data service agreements.
  • The app distributors are considered third-party beneficiaries of these terms and can enforce them against you.


11. Social Media and Email, and Managing Your Account


You can link your Site account with third-party accounts like Facebook, Google, and Apple ID by providing login info or allowing access as per their terms.

  • Depending on your privacy settings, your posted info may be visible on the Site.
  • If a third-party account becomes unavailable, related content may no longer be accessible on the Site.
  • You can disconnect your accounts at any time.
  • Your relationship with third-party service providers is governed solely by your agreements with them.
  • We don’t review third-party content and are not responsible for it.
  • We may access your email contacts solely to identify other users of the Site.
  • You can deactivate account connections through your settings, or by contacting us.
  • We’ll try to delete any stored information obtained from third-party accounts, except for your username and profile picture associated with your account.


12. Submissions


When you share your thoughts or ideas about the Site, such as comments or suggestions, they become our property to use as we see fit.

We have the right to use them for any purpose without giving you credit or compensation.

By sharing these ideas, you relinquish any rights to them and confirm that they are your own or that you have permission to share them.

If there are any concerns about this arrangement, you agree not to hold us accountable.


13. Site Management


We retain the right, though not the obligation, to:

  • Monitor the Site for violations of our Terms of Use.
  • Take legal action against anyone who’s not playing by the rules.
  • Restrict or disable your Contributions if deemed necessary.
  • Remove or disable files that are excessively large or burdensome to our systems.
  • Manage the site to keep things running smoothly and protect our rights.


14. Privacy Policy


We take privacy seriously. Check out our Privacy Policy. By using the Site, you agree to follow our Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms of Use.

Keep in mind, the Site is based in France. If you’re accessing it from somewhere with different privacy laws, you’re agreeing to have your data sent to and handled in France.


15. Copyright Infringements


If you believe there’s a copyright issue with something on the Site, inform us. We’ll notify the person who posted it. However, be cautious; making false claims could have consequences.


16. Term and Termination


  • These terms remain in effect while you’re using the Site.
  • We reserve the right to deny access to the Site to anyone, for any reason.
  • We can delete your account and its contents without notice.
  • If we remove your access, you can’t register again under any name.
  • Legal action may be taken if necessary.


17. Modifications and Interruptions


  • The site’s content can be changed, removed, or updated at any time without notice.
  • We may also stop or modify parts of the site without warning, and we won’t be held responsible for any resulting changes.
  • Technical issues or maintenance may cause the site to be unavailable at times, leading to delays or errors.
  • We have the right to update, suspend, or terminate the site without notice, and you agree that we’re not liable if these actions prevent you from using the site.


18. Governing Law


These terms are governed by French law, and the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply.  

If you’re an EU consumer, you’re entitled to the protections of your country’s laws.

Both parties agree to the jurisdiction of the courts of Lille, Hauts-de-France, for any disputes related to these terms.

This means you can assert your consumer protection rights in France or your EU country of residence.


19. Dispute Resolution


Parties must try to settle any disputes informally for at least 30 days before starting arbitration, except for specific disputes.

Arbitration: Any dispute between the Parties will be settled by one arbitrator chosen according to the rules of the European Court of Arbitration.

The arbitration will take place in Lille, France, and can be conducted in French or English, with French law applying.

Restrictions: Arbitration is limited to individual disputes, not class actions or representative claims. 

Exceptions: Certain disputes, like those involving intellectual property rights, theft, or injunctions, are not subject to informal negotiations or arbitration. These disputes will be resolved in court.


20. Corrections


The Site might have errors, inaccuracies, or missing information, like typos, pricing mistakes, or availability errors.

We can fix these errors, update information, or make changes to the Site anytime, without telling you beforehand.


21. Disclaimer


The Site is provided as-is, and you agree to use it at your own risk.

We don’t make any guarantees about the Site’s accuracy or completeness, and we’re not responsible for any errors, injuries, damages, or other issues that may arise from using the Site.

We’re not liable for any unauthorized access to your personal or financial information, interruptions in service, viruses, or any loss or damage resulting from using the Site. 

We don’t endorse or take responsibility for any products or services advertised on the Site by third parties, and we’re not involved in any transactions between you and these third-party providers.

Just like with any purchase, it’s essential to use caution and your best judgment when using the Site.


22. Limitation of Liability


We, along with our directors, employees, and agents, will not be liable to you or any third party for any damages resulting from your use of the Site, including direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special, or punitive damages, such as lost profit, revenue, or data, even if we have been informed of the possibility of such damages.


23. Indemnification


You agree to protect, compensate, and not hold us responsible, including our subsidiaries, affiliates, and all our officers, agents, partners, and employees, against any loss, damage, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable lawyers’ fees and expenses, made by a third party because of or related to: 

  • Your contributions,
  • Your use of the Site,
  • Breach of these Terms of Use,
  • Any breach of your promises in these Terms of Use,
  • Violation of a third party’s rights, including intellectual property, or
  • Harmful acts toward other users you connected with through the Site.

We may take over the defense of any matter you’re required to indemnify us for, at your expense. We’ll notify you of any such claim and cooperate with you.


24. User Data 


We’ll keep track of certain information you send to the Site to manage how the Site works, along with details about how you use it.

While we do regular backups of data, you’re entirely responsible for all the data you send or anything related to your activity on the Site. 

You agree that we’re not responsible for any loss or damage to this data, and you give up any right to take legal action against us for such loss or damage.


25. Electronic Communications, Transactions, and Signatures


When you visit the Site, send us emails, or fill out online forms, you’re engaging in electronic communications.

By doing so, you agree to receive electronic communications from us, which may include agreements, notices, disclosures, and other messages, via email or on the Site. This satisfies any legal requirement for written communication.

You also agree to use electronic signatures, contracts, orders, and other records, and to receive notices, policies, and transaction records electronically through the Site or from us.

By agreeing to this, you waive any rights or requirements under laws that might demand original signatures, non-electronic records, or non-electronic payment methods.


26. Miscellaneous


  • These Terms of Use, along with any posted policies or rules, are the entire agreement between you and us.
  • Our failure to enforce any part of these Terms of Use doesn’t mean we waive that right.
  • We can assign our rights and obligations to others at any time.
  • We’re not responsible for delays or failures beyond our control.
  • If any part of these Terms of Use is found to be invalid, it won’t affect the rest of the terms.
  • These Terms of Use don’t create a partnership, employment, or agency relationship between you and us.
  • You agree that the electronic form of these Terms of Use is valid and binding, even without physical signatures.


27. Contact Information


If you have any complaints or need more information about using the Site, you can reach out to us at:

Meet for Branch SAS

+33 7 83 61 99 32

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